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BREAKING: Significant Election Complaint Filed in Nevada

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Editor’s Note – It certainly appeared as if the Democrats simply did not care about re-election back when they were passing one piece of unpopular legislation after another.  ObamaCare being a prime example, where the vast majority of Americans clearly did not favor it’s passage, yet it was shoved through anyway.

An inconceivable idea, not caring about re-election, coming from politicians…

Or, is it because there was a plan in place all along to ensure success at the polls?  Particularly with the key players on the left.  This is now the second complaint coming out of Nevada about the voting process, both cases heavily favoring Harry Reid.  And, with ‘Card Check’ high on the wish list for unions, it comes as no surprise that they’re monitoring member voting, after all, this is what they do – intimidation.

The Justice Department has already set the precedence that there is no crime committed through voter manipulation unless the victim is a minority, so what’s all the fuss about?

Here’s a prediction; We’ll see a very tight race in Nevada, it very well may take days to get final results.  Almost assuredly, there’ll be a recount, with Reid eventually winning by a razor thin margin.  All throughout the process, there will be multiple complaints of voter irregularities, all of which will fall to the wayside as America begins to focus on the upcoming holiday season.

And, when all is said and done, somewhere in the back rooms of Washington, D.C., newly re-elected Senator Harry Reid and Senator Stuart Smalley (Minnesota) will raise a glass in toast to another successful heist…


BREAKING: Significant Election Complaint Filed in Nevada

By Erick Erickson

Attached is a Nevada Election Task Force complaint filed late today in Nevada by Babette Rutherford, a Nevada voter.

The complaint alleges scores of union tactics designed to undermine the integrity of the voting process and intimidate voters.

Specifically, the complaint notes that union officials are busing in union workers, leading them to the polls, deterring or preventing the union member from going to unobserved polling locations set up in Las Vegas, etc.

“The union personnel strategically position themselves at various points around the boundaries of the polling location to ensure that one or more of them are able to monitor their members’ activities at all times.”

The complaint is highly detailed and filled with eye witness accounts of union officials intimidating casino employees and directly overseeing how the union employees are attempting to vote.

Read the complaint here.

Read More – http://www.redstate.com/erick/2010/10/28/breaking-significant-election-complaint-filed-in-nevada/

Tom Tillison


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