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Florida Senate Race; I'm Standing With Marco

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By Nathan Meloon
Florida State University

In May of 2009, it looked like Charlie Crist was going to be the next Senator from Florida. He had huge favorable ratings in the polls and his primary opponent, Marco Rubio, was polling around six percent.

Marco Rubio took up the mantle of the tea party movement, which had arisen just six months prior, and he began to challenge the sitting governor. He began winning straw polls; in fact, he won every single republican straw poll. Marco Rubio began talking to small groups that got larger and larger by the month. Slowly, Marco rose in the polls, and with that came TV and radio appearances on conservative TV and radio shows.  

Marco Rubio overtook the sitting governor, Charlie Crist, in the primary in January of 2009. By April, the former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives had amassed a 25 point lead. Charlie Crist knew that he was going to lose the Republican primary. He had to do something, so on April 27(?), 2010 he announced that he was going to drop out of the Republican Primary and run with No Party Affiliation.

This party switch was evident when he vetoed SB6, a bill that gave merit pay to teachers, an issue that Charlie Crist championed when he ran for governor. This flip-flop showed that Charlie was going independent. Charlie Crist jumped to a lead in the polls during the summer.

However, after the primary election on August 24, Marco Rubio overtook Charlie Crist yet again, this time with a 25 point lead. This election presents us with three clear choices, a tax and spend liberal, Kendrick Meek,  a populist politician who does not stand on principle, or a principled conservative who will shake up Washington.

The election day is on November 2, and I hope that you will stand with Marco, as I will.


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