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6,400 Students, Staffers Urged To Vote Early And Help Democratic Party

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voting_fraud2Editor’s Note – The writing seems to be on the wall for the Democrats, time is running out and desperation is setting in.

This serves as a reminder to all conservatives that we must be ever vigilant in ensuring that our electoral process remains pure.  Now more than ever!

Poll watchers, you role is far more critical than you may realize.  Accept your responsibility with the special knowledge that you may be all that stands between corruption and fundementally restoring America!

Winston-Salem State University E-mail Called Illegal

6,400 Students, Staffers Urged To Vote Early And Help Democratic Party

By Wesley Young
Winston-Salem Journal

Some 6,400 staffers and students at Winston-Salem State University received e-mail exhortations Monday to take advantage of early voting and help the Democratic Party, setting off local Republicans.

After a complaint by Nathan Tabor, the chairman of the Forsyth County GOP, university officials acknowledged that the e-mail — sent from the student-affairs division — was improper.

The university cited a state law that prohibits the use of a state employee’s authority or state property to support or oppose a person or an issue in any election.

“We regret it,” said Nancy Young, the director of public relations at WSSU. “We sent out a retraction and said to disregard the earlier e-mail.”

That wasn’t the end of it, though. Yesterday, the university sent out what Tabor called an “equal time” e-mail inviting all the same recipients to work for Republicans during early voting.

That message was to be retracted by the university last night once it had been out six hours — the same amount of time the Democrat message was out before being retracted.

Tabor said he’s upset that he had to call the university and complain.

“That is a tax-funded school,” Tabor said, calling the original e-mail “highly illegal and unethical.”

Read More – http://www2.journalnow.com/news/2010/oct/20/wssu-e-mail-called-illegal-ar-467783/

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