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Another Day, Another Alan Grayson Distortion

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Another day, another distortion of the truth by Alan Grayson.

In an email sent out, titled ‘Landscaping for Millionaires’ , Grayson makes the claim that Webster “knows how to get special favors for his rich friends. As a State Senator, he slipped a $500,000 earmark into the budget to pay for new landscaping at lakefront homes on the Butler Chain of Lakes“.

The same accusation is posted on a web site Grayson set up to attack Dan Webster.

Only one problem, it’s a complete distortion of the truth.

Butler Chain Concerned Citizens’ Lori Bradford said, “Daniel Webster sponsored a preservation project for our group in 2004 but it was never funded.  The project sought to provide incentives for berms, swales and vegetation for the shoreline of the Butler Chain.  These measures were suggested in a $160,000 study that was performed by Orange County in 1998 to help minimize nutrient rich suspended solids from lawn fertilization.”

“The Butler Chain is 1 of 41 special waters of the 1700 Outstanding Florida Waters in our State and it is sickening that Grayson ‘s campaign would exploit this issue in this manner.”

The project also included education and incentives for those that took the initiative to berm, swale and vegetate their lakefronts to help the Chain with runoff problems.

There are over 1700 lakefront homes on the Butler Chain, which is a state water way open to the public and is comprised of 11 lakes, not just Windermere. For sure, some of these homes are very expensive, however, by no means are all home to millionaires.

And, once again, we have a sitting U.S. Congressman struggling to be honest in his campaign efforts.  Grayson not only does a disservice to Dan Webster and the voters of district 8 by distorting the truth, he also stands in the way of the ongoing efforts to protect and preserve one of Florida’s most cherished waterways.

Is there a limit to how high a price Alan Grayson is willing to pay in his desperate attempt to retain his seat of power.  We can disagree on issues, but honor and integrity are a completely different matter – the residents of congressional district 8 deserve better.

Tom Tillison


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