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Orlando Sentinel Endorses Daniel Webster Over Grayson In FL-CD8

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dwebBy Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

The Orlando Sentinel announced their endorsement in congressional district 8 today and, lo and behold, it’s Daniel Webster!

Stating that Webster ‘wasn’t just a nice guy; he was effective, and that ‘he played a leading role in raising education standards, reforming welfare and opening lawmaking to more public scrutiny’ during his time in Tallahassee, the Sentinel felt he was an ‘antidote’ to the ‘hyper-partisan fever that has gripped Washington, D.C.’

In comparison, Grayson was taken to task for antics that ‘are not merely an embarrassment to himself and his district. They deepen the partisan divide that has left Congress almost dysfunctional.’   He was also criticized for running ‘false’ ads against Webster and for ‘wildly exaggerated his role in the other accomplishments he’s claiming in this campaign’.

Perhaps the most telling comments suggested that Grayson ‘still has a devil-may-care attitude about federal spending, unless it is for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He argues huge budget shortfalls aren’t bad if inflation and long-term interest rates stay low’, and the Sentinel goes on to highlight the projected interest payments on that debt, and refer to Grayson’s ‘insatiable appetite for more federal spending’.

Whereas, it is not often that area conservatives agree with recommendations that come from the Orlando Sentinel, this is one time they got it right.  After all, who can possibly justify a continuation of Grayson’s hateful demagoguery for another two years at a time that America is in desperate need of leaders with true convictions and honorable values.  Leader such as Daniel Webster.

Tom Tillison


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