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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Endorses Crist, Attacks Rubio And Tea Party

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rfkjrBy Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. endorsed Charlie Crist today in the U.S. Senate Race here in Florida.  In the process, he went on the attack against Marco Rubio and the “radicalism of the tea party”.  He also referred to Rubio and those who make up the tea party movement as a “crackpots”.  

Proving that, at least in this case, the apple does indeed fall far from the tree, RFK Jr. rambled on about the tea party movement being corporate controlled, as if he were actually knowledgeable on the topic.  His remarks, though, were quick to betray that image, showing that he knows next to nothing about the movement or the people behind it.

While condemning Rubio as representing little more than hatred and demagoguery, RFK Jr. spewed his own brand of hatred by saying both Rubio and the tea party movement have an ” I can be as stupid as I want” vision for America.

He also railed against the Patriot Act while Charlie Crist stood at his side – the same Patriot Act Crist himself once called “essential to protecting America”.

Keep in mind as you watch the video, this is the same individual that once said pig farmers were a greater threat to national security than Osama Bin Laden.


Tom Tillison


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