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Alan Grayson Continues Insults And Distortion Of Truth

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graysonclapBy Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

In a seemingly never ending quest for more money, Rep. Alan Grayson continues to insult average, everyday American citizens by referring to them as “teabaggers”, a vile term that refers to a sexual act.  A term that decent, respectful people simply don’t use. 

This hatred and demagoguery has been a staple of his campaign from the very beginning, as Grayson seems content to exhibit the very worst of the human race.

In his latest communique, he attacks those who make up the tea party and distorts the truth yet again, claiming $1.7 Million dollars has been spent by outside groups on attack ads against him, when the truth is that money was spent on both Grayson and Suzanne Kosmas.  Is Grayson simply incapable of being honest, or does his sense of self importance override all reason?

Grayson also takes a juvenile swipe at Fox News, reinforcing the idea that this man is ill-equipped to be a U.S. Congressman!


Right-wingers can be very angry people. Angry about the President’s birth certificate. Angry about black helicopters. Angry about government death panels. Angry that poor people have so much money.

In fact, right-wingers are so angry that they seem to have trouble getting to sleep at night. What do you think would help them to get a good night’s rest? A little chamomile tea, perhaps? No; strangely, the teabaggers don’t like tea. Maybe dozing off in front of the TV, with Fox News turned on? Perhaps; virtually everything on Fox News is a bedtime story that only children could believe.

Actually, what really helps right-wingers to sleep well at night is vicious attack ads on TV. Specifically, attack ads attacking me.

On Friday, Politico reported that right-wing groups have spent $1.7 million on attack ads in my district, in Central Florida. This is roughly 20 times as much as my Republican opponent has been able to raise and spend for his TV ads so far. In fact, his campaign was “dark” (meaning off the air) for the month of September.

Tom Tillison


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