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TEA Served At Grayson Staged Theatrics Tonight

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fullsail_cermony_281f1-575x270By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Just as we have seen Alan Grayson do in the past with town halls, he will stage yet another production tonight.  The entertainment on tap tonight will be a “debate” between Grayson and two other third party candidates, held at the Florida Citrus Bowl’s Varsity Club.  The purpose for tonight’s event, in the eyes of many, is to prop up the so called TEA Party candidate.

Fortunately, for reasonable minded voters who’ve grown tired of Grayson’s antics, Daniel Webster was smart enough not to fall for this ruse.  That and a very timely prior engagement will keep him away.

For the sake of clarity, there is a ‘candidate’ running under the TEA banner, which is the Florida TEA Party political party.  This entity was formed by a registered Democrat and another individual that has been suspended from the Republican Party.

This TEA political party does not represent the tea party movement and has absolutely nothing to do with the movement.  Furthermore, it is not supported or endorsed by any recognized tea party leader in the state.  In fact, most in the movement feel the TEA Party was formed primarily to assist in Alan Grayson’s re-election by splitting the conservative vote.

When you consider that Grayson’s campaign has paid nearly $40,000 to an individual associated with the TEA Party, what else would one think?

Nonetheless, in what may be the first instance in recorded history, the incumbent in a race will provide much sought after media attention for a third party candidate.  Grayson will play nice tonight, taking care not to cast his ‘opposition’ in a negative light, after all, he’s well experienced at playing games.

For a quick reminder, here’s a video of the town hall Grayson held last year in a union hall.  Where a Democrat Executive Committee meeting had just taken place, and, upon breaking up, all remained inside.  Where Organizing for America employees were granted pre-entry.  In fact, so many were pre-seated that only 31 seats out of 126 were offered to the thousand plus waiting outside;


Tom Tillison


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