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Florida Tea Parties Announce Opposition to Amendment 4

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For Immediate Release – Monday, October 11, 2010
Contact: Apryl Marie Fogel, (850) 630-2166


Florida Tea Parties Announce Opposition to Amendment 4

Americans for Prosperity releases “United 4 No on 4” Coalition


(Miami, FL –) Americans for Prosperity today released the names of more than twenty-five state and local grassroots and Tea Party groups that have pledged to oppose Amendment 4, a pro-tax, anti-jobs measure that will appear on the ballot this November.  These groups represent tens of thousands of individuals from the Panhandle to Miami, FL.

“Amendment 4 represents an unprecedented threat to property rights and free markets in Florida,” said Apryl Marie Fogel, state director for Florida’s chapter of Americans for Prosperity.  “While many Tea Party activists and dedicated patriots are focused on the high-profile races for Governor and U.S. Senate, some of our most cherished freedoms—namely the rights to private property and small business free markets—are being threatened by a radical and subversive amendment to Florida’s constitution.  Put simply, Amendment 4 will raise taxes, cost jobs and erode property rights in our state.”

Citing some of Amendment 4’s largest proponents, Fogel pointed out that “Amendment 4 was written by extremists promoting an out-of-touch agenda that will burden Florida families with new costs and higher taxes.  That’s why tens of thousands of Tea Party activists across Florida are united in spreading the ‘Vote No on 4’ message.”  

Americans for Prosperity Florida has partnered with the following grassroots Tea Party groups to oppose Amendment 4:


Cape 9-12
West Orlando Tea Party
N. Florida Tea Party
James Madison Institute
DC Works for Us
Titusville Patriots
Florida 9-12 Project
SWFL 9-12 Project
Lee 9-12 Project
Pinellas Patriots
Punta Gorda Tea Party
13 Patriots
Forest Tea Party
Bear Witness


Tampa 9-12 Project
Orlando Political Press
Central Florida Tea Party Council
Lower Taxes Now
Tea By The Sea Tea Party
Naples 9-12 Project
Orange County Campaign for Liberty
Florida Campaign for Liberty
Orlando/Kissimmee 9-12 Project
Brevard 9-12 Project
Volusia 9-12 Project
First Coast Tea Party
Tea Party Solutions
Ocala Tea Party



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