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Busted; Dem Candidate Reportedly Behind Tea Party Robocall

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pougnet-300x149Editor’s Note – Just as we see in other places across the United States, including right here in Florida, here is yet another example of Democrats going to whatever length necessary to retain their seat at the table.

Voters beware – it seems there are no limits to the trickery and deceit that will be employed to confuse and mislead the voters.

These blatant efforts to ignore the will of the people by circumventing the electoral process cannot be tolerated.  I submit that there will be so many deceased voters casting ballots in November that you may think it’s the ‘second coming’!  Just as we must raise the bar on the caliber of our elected officials, so too must we raise the bar on what constitutes acceptable behavior.  


Busted; Dem Candidate Reportedly Behind Tea Party Robocall

By Jim Hoft
Gateway Pundit

Local reporters discovered that a tea party robocall was linked to Democrat candidate Steve Pougnet in California.
My Desert reported:

Democratic congressional candidate Steve Pougnet unleashed an automated phone call to voters Friday that attempts to split the conservative vote by touting a third-party candidate.

The call hit the same day as voters received a Pougnet mailer that says American Independent candidate Bill Lussenheide makes Republican U.S. Rep. Mary Bono Mack “look like a raging liberal.”

The Pougnet effort is aimed at nudging Republicans to consider Lussenheide as the “tea party” alternative to Bono Mack.

According to a recording obtained by The Desert Sun, the automated call is from a registered Republican who says he is voting for Lussenheide because he is the “true conservative, tea party candidate.”

Read More – http://gatewaypundit.firstthings.com/2010/10/busted-dem-candidate-reportedly-behind-tea-party-robocall/

Tom Tillison


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