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Book Thrown at Obama at Campaign Event? Apparently So.

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obama-bookEditor’s Note – Talk about letting a crisis go to waste.  If there were just some way they could connect this to the tea party! 

Maybe it’s the Constitution, in book form, being thrown at Obama?

Interesting that the White House press pool did not report on this incident…



Book Thrown at Obama at Campaign Event? Apparently So.

By Tom Kavanagh
Politics Daily

Did someone throw a book at President Obama during his appearance at a campaign rally in Philadelphia on Sunday?

Apparently so, at least insofar as the book-throwing is concerned. CBS’s Mark Knoller wrote on Twitter late Monday morning that the Secret Service “says this morning it was aware of the book thrown at Pres. Obama yesterday” but that, after interviewing the “overexuberant” book thrower, it “deemed there was no threat intended – he just wanted Obama to have a copy of his book.” No arrest was made.

The Associated Press, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Washington Post made no mention of any such developments in their original reports. And the White House pool reporter saw no indication that they occurred either, Politics Daily’s Alex Wagner reports. But video on Gawker.com shows an object — gray and indistinct — appearing airborne behind Obama after he concludes his speech. It appears at the 0:22 mark in this video.



A photo appearing in the British tabloid the Daily Mail shows a book very clearly passing behind the president’s head, though the clarity — such a sharp image would require a very fast shutter speed — is not the only reason to doubt its authenticity: the background behind the president is quite different from the background in the video, and the president’s shirt appears to be different from the one he has on in other images — his sleeves are rolled up to a different height.

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