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Alan Grayson; I Can't Be Bought (For Less Than $50 Million)

Alan_Grayson_0721Alan Grayson; I Can’t Be Bought (For Less Than $50 Million)

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Alan Grayson wrote a blog on the online news site ‘The Hill’, where he proclaims “I can’t be bought” and “my vote is not for sale”.  These remarks were included in comments where Grayson is reveling in the fact that he is the top target of conservative groups in the upcoming election.

As the Congressman is a busy man and has much on his plate pacifying labor unions and other radical far left groups, collaborating with his liberal friends on the Left Coast to create such dynamic television ads and dropping everything at a moments notice to bask in the spotlight on the national cable networks, the OrlandoPolitical Press will assist him in jogging his memory.

The issue being voted on was Cap and Trade, the scheme devised around the fraudulent claim of global warming designed specifically to enrich liberal politicians of the Democratic persuasion.  Grayson’s constituency was overwhelmingly against this legislation and were working diligently to express this opposition through telephone calls. 

At one point, a Grayson staffer said the calls coming into the office totalled 1,500 in opposition to just 3 in support.

The video tells the story of Grayson’s response;



That’s right, Grayson ignored the voters in his district and appeased Henry Waxman and Nancy Pelosi by supporting Cap and Trade in exchange for ‘consideration’ for a $50 Million Hurrican Research Center in Orlando.  Now you were saying, Congressman, you can’t be bought?

Tom Tillison


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