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Dem-Picked Tea Party Candidate Defends Ballot Slot

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Editor’s Note – Let’s see if I have this right, the Democrat Party selects an individual to run as a ‘Tea Party’ candidate in a covert effort to split the conservative vote, and then, upon entering the race, the Democrat operative proclaims to be “the only true conservative in the race”.

Did they write a manual for this sort of thing!!!

For Central Floridians, this story may sound familiar.  In fact, many may think I’m referring to Peg Dunmire, who is fond of calling herself the “only true conservative in the race”, however, this story originates in New Jersey.  And is yet another example of the absolute lack of honesty and integrity in the electoral process.  It seems the lure of power, and the desire to retain it, reins supreme in America…


Dem-Picked Tea Party Candidate Defends Ballot Slot

By Jim Walsh

Peter DeStefano, an independent congressional candidate accused of running a sham Tea Party campaign, said Friday that he was “appropriately on the ballot.”

But at a campaign event that drew more protestors than supporters, DeStefano did not answer questions about how he came to enter the 3rd District race.

Also Friday, the founder of a local Tea Party group denounced DeStefano’s campaign as “voter fraud” and said he’d seek a court order to remove his name from the ballot.

The developments came as the Courier-Post reported DeStefano’s campaign — ostensibly representing the “NJ Tea Party” — had been organized by Democrats working for the re-election of incumbent U.S. Rep. John Adler (D).  Strategists hoped the Tea Party label would lure conservative voters away from Adler’s Republican foe, Jon Runyan, according to information from Democratic operatives with direct knowledge of the issue.

DeStefano’s event, described as a campaign fundraiser, drew about 20 people, including friends and relatives. The small group gathered in the Indian Chief Tavern’s banquet hall, where window blinds were closed to block the scene from news cameras.

More than 40 people gathered in the tavern’s parking lot, where members of three Tea Party groups called on DeStefano to leave the race.

“They (DeStefano and Adler) have insulted the voters of this area and have just made a mockery of our democracy,” said Tea Party member Barbara Davis of Cherry Hill.

Bill Haney of Tabernacle, founder of the West Jersey Tea Party, said his group plans to challenge DeStefano in court next week. “We are trying to get his name removed from the ballot and to have the Adler campaign pay for the printing of new ballots,” he said.

DeStefano calls himself “the only true conservative” in the race.

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Tom Tillison


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