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D8 Race Shifts To 'Lean Republican' Due To Toxic Alan Grayson

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GraysonLP1Editor’s Note – Due to Alan Grayson’s poor judgement and absolute lack of character, even fellow Democrats are abandoning him.

The Democrat Party is fortunate that Grayson is able to raise his own money, which makes it easy for them to avoid this race.  As for the rumor floating around that Obama will be coming to Orlando to stump on Grayson’s behalf, don’t expect that to happen now.

Grayson has pretty much destroyed his brand identity in American politics.  The radicals on the far left still love him, but that base of support doesn’t equate to very many votes come November 2nd.  If Grayson hopes to pull this one out, he’ll have to raid every cemetery in district 8 to generate the needed votes – not that he won’t try!


Grayson’s Race Shifts To “Lean Republican”

By Serafin Gomez

MIAMI- Less than one month before the November election and there has been a significant shift in one of the most widely watched congressional races in the Sunshine State.

According to the venerable Cook Political Report, the battle for the Eighth Congressional District, currently held by Democrat incumbent Alan Grayson, has changed from “Toss up” to “Lean Republican,” following what the political analysts at Cook call a “toxic” atmosphere due to some of the controversial tactics used by Grayson against his Republican rival, State Sen. Dan Webster.

“Like a bad disease, this race is so toxic thanks to Grayson that both parties wish they could quarantine it,” The Cook Political report reads in its latest analysis of the race.

In recent weeks, Grayson had been criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike for a TV ad calling Webster “Taliban Dan,” comparing his conservative Christian background to the austere theology of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The controversy over the ad ignited a boost in fundraising for Webster’s campaign.
Read more: http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/10/08/graysons-race-shifts-lean-republican#ixzz11r6u5DPi

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