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Alan Grayson; Big Mouth Lapdog For Pelosi

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GraysonLPBy Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

VoteForBusiness, the U.S. Chamber’s 2010 Election Central,is beginning to run dozens of ads across the country focusing on preventing another overregulation, anti-business climate by helping elect candidates who will vote for jobs whether or not it’s the popular thing to do.

Guess who is among those targeted?

Yes, our very own Alan Grayson, who is referred to as a big mouth lapdog for Nancy Pelosi!  The clip also includes a quick shot of Matt Falconer telling Grayson to get lost back when Grayson crashed the District 1 Republican Executive Committee meeting here in Orlando.  Enjoy!



You can get information about the 2010 elections, who’s fighting for American business, and how you can be heard at the ballot box on November 2nd here – http://www.voteforbusiness.com/lapdogs_or_leaders/

The U.S. Chamber has long advocated for economic policies that will allow businesses to grow, employers to hire, and the economy to prosper.

Tom Tillison


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