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AUL Action 'Life Counts' Campaign Targets Alan Grayson

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

H/T – Suki Carder

A new radio advertising campaign by Americans United for Life Action called “Life Counts” is targeting twelve key districts, including Florida’s congressional district 8.  The new ad draws attention to Alan Grayson’s voting record on taxpayer-funded abortions.

AUL Action’s $600,000 “Life Counts” campaign – which combines online grassroots organizing, a radio ad campaign, and email blasts to twelve districts – will reach out to voters in the closing weeks of the 2010 election cycle, holding politicians responsible for their support of taxpayer-funded abortion established in President Obama’s new health care law.

“Life Counts” is a targeted effort to remind voters in key battleground districts where their candidates stand on this critical issue.

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Tom Tillison


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