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Central FL Christian Leaders Send Open Letter To Alan Grayson

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

A dozen concerned ministers all signed a letter (see below) to Alan Grayson Sunday and will deliver it to him on Monday. They say he’s insulting the bible and God by taking the words out of context in his ‘Talibam Dan’ ad. Part of it reads, “our prayer is that you have a change of heart and that Mr. Grayson, you have a change of direction in your political campaign.”

The ministers feel Grayson has misrepresented the Christian community.

Pastor James Book of the First Christian Church says the Conservative Ministers Association has drafted this letter to Grayson calling his behavior an embarrassment to the community. They say they will not sit idly by and accuse Grayson’s campaign to be “reckless and toxic language and behavior”.



Tom Tillison


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