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Obama Advisers Weigh Ad Assault Against 'Tea Party'

The Progressive Left still doesn’t get it! The tea party movement IS mainstream America, yet, once again, just as we see in Arizona, Obama is choosing to go after the American people.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and these are indeed desperate times for the Democrat Party, however, desperate times often bring about rash decisions that are later regretted.

As for Obama, November is coming and the American people will let him know how they feel about his decision making skills.

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Video; Rick Scott / Bobby Jindal Rally In Orlando

Video; Rick Scott / Bobby Jindal Rally In Orlando

Republican candidates for governor and lieutenant governor, Rick Scott and Jennifer Carrol, were joined in Orlando Friday afternoon by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to rally support behind the Scott/Carroll ticket.

Video by Allen Wilson;

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The Death Tax Story Doesn't Deserve a Sequel

One of the classic genres of Hollywood films is the horror movie. These films typically feature an appealing protagonist in a life or death struggle with a monster that seeks to inflict as much harm as he can upon the hero, his friends and his family.

The hero and the villain square off in a final confrontation, in which the monster appears to be slain. The story appears to be over.

Suddenly, however, the monster re-appears. He has not been defeated. He has simply waited for an opportune time to strike again.

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'The Gloves Are Off': Murkowski Pursues Write-in Bid Against Tea Party Favorite

Philosopher Edward Burke said it best;

“Those who have been intoxicated with power… can never willingly abandon it.”

Murkowsi claims her decision was based on “an outpouring of support”, yet, this outpouring came up short during the Republican primary.

As we continue to see voters rejecting the likes of Lisa Murkowski and Mike Castle, the reactions of these lawmakers only verifies that the right decision was made. There’s a new standard in conservative politics and the aforementioned have been found wanting.

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Dem Congresswomans Supporters Participate In Palin As Hitler Rally

By Larry O’Connor
Big Government

A video showing protesters outside an Americans For Prosperity event has surfaced on the internet.

It shows the protestors with signs depicting Sarah Palin and Glenn beck with Hitler mustaches and the label “Naz-Tea Party” over their pictures. Also depicted as Hitler is GOP candidate Adam Kinzinger running against Rep. Debbie Halvorson (IL-D) in the 11th District in Illinois.

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Take Back America Event w/Dick Morris on October 1st

Take America Back w/Dick Morris Event
Friday, October 1, 2010 12:00 PM

Sheraton Hotel Downtown Orlando

400 West Livingston Street
Orlando, FL 32801

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Florida Organizations To Hold Vigil To Urge LeMieux To Support DREAM Act

The Progressive Left understands that this may be their last chance to realize some form of amnesty for the foreseeable future.

As for Harry Reid, his only motivation here is to pander to the Hispanic vote in his re-election bid, which is not looking good. He is currently in a statistical tie with his Republican opponent.

Roll Call reports that immigration reform advocates have been honing in on Sen. George LeMieux as a potential ally in their campaign to pass the DREAM Act. Call FL Senator LeMieux’s office @ 202-224-3041 and tell him to oppose the DREAM ACT!

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Constitution Day And The Perilous Future

We are seeing the start of a revival amongst the American people, a recognition of the importance of preserving the Constitution and it’s wonderfully designed, interlocking provisions that were intended to protect our God-given rights and to prevent our government from becoming a tyranny.

There is a growing movement throughout America to reinvigorate the tree of liberty, a tree whose trunk is the Constitution, whose limbs are the Bill of Rights, and whose leaves are the new sons and daughters of liberty who embody the same spirit that infused our Founders.

On Constitution Day, let Americans rededicate themselves to securing “the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” by actively working to preserve the Constitution of the United States.

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New Contract With America Nearly Done; Candidates Won't Sign It

Editor’s Note – Playing off the tea party movement’s Contract from America, the GOP has created it’s own contract, which is sure to draw intense scrutiny from those within the movement.

As it states in the story below, the lawmakers will not be asked to sign this Contract with America. This is surely an attempt to avoid any controversy over who will or will not sign, as we have seen with the tea party contract.

This effort seems to be an attempt to re-invent the wheel, although, we should withhold judgement until we see the final product. Nonetheless, it seems to come down to control, which is a characteristic out elected officials have in abundance.

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TEA Candidate Has Ties To Democrat Rival's Manager

Nonetheless, this is yet another occurance where the motives of those associated with the TEA Party are being questioned.

It reminds me of a line in the movie Wyatt Earp, where Wyatt is about to ride out after the men who killed his brother and the town newspaper editor tells him that there are laws to address this. Wyatt then says, “if these men think they’re going to hide behind these laws, then they’ve missed their guess”.

The moral of the story being that we appear to have individuals trampling on one of our most sacred rights, the right to a fair and free election, all the while, hiding behind the laws of the land. There’s a lot to be said for old fashioned, western justice.

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Senate Passes $30 Billion Small Business Stimulus, Sen. LeMieux Sides With Democrats

Editor’s Note – Further proof that Washington, DC is simply ignoring the American people, the Senate passes yet another stimulus bill aimed at bailing out Democrat election hopes more so than small businesses.

This stimulus was nicely sold as a “tax package”. It truly is an amazing talent the left has in playing on words.

And, almost surprisingly, Florida Senator George LeMieux provided the necessary vote to pass the legislation. I say almost surprisingly, because, at this point, it’s almost impossible to be surprised by anything coming from Capitol Hill. Yes, this is the same George LeMieux that was appointed by Charlie Crist…

Wonder what other surprised LeMieux may have for us before November?

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Rick Scott, Bobby Jindal In Orlando Friday

By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott will be attending a campaign rally in Orlando tomorrow along with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Scott’s running mate, Jennifer Carroll.

The event is taking place at 3:00PM at the Orlando Executive Airport.

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