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'I Want Your Money' Surprises Liberal Audiences In Manhattan Movie Houses

Dubbed the ‘thin conservative Michael Moore” by Neal Cavuto of Fox News, Ray Griggs, a director of science fiction movies and the father of three children, decided it was time to show the world what’s really going on in Washington…that is, if you hadn’t figured it out already.

Using caricatures of Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, as well as footage from various Tea Party Rallies, Griggs’ “I Want Your Money” helps citizens better understand the out of control spending among the people we elected to represent us in DC.

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Dick Morris Returns In New Role

“He’s found his place, and he’s become important again. He’s found his place on the right,” said Hank Sheinkopf, a Democratic strategist who has known Morris for decades and who credits Morris with helping him land a job in the Clinton White House. “He’s emerged as a major exponent of the conservative Republican argument.”

In an interview, Morris conceded that after spending much of his career dispensing behind-the-scenes advice to political clients, he’s taken on a different role.

“This is a first for me,” he said. “This is the first time I’ve been as active in a nationwide campaign to this degree.”

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My Pledge to the Government

* I will watch, listen, and learn not only what you do but why you are doing it.
* I will bear witness to the successes and the failures to uphold your oaths, pledges, and promises.
* I will devote my efforts to holding you accountable and spreading the word when you meet your obligations and when you fall short.
* I will not be swayed by party politics, financial enticements, power or fame.
* I will expend every effort to support you if you succeed or defeat you if you fail to live up to your commitments.

So help me God.

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Will Obama Use Florida Law to Push Defeated Agenda?

Editor’s Note – As if our readers need another reason to not vote for Crist or Meek, this story outlines the potential impact a victory by either one could have on national policy.

Of course, with George LeMieux wandering off the reservation here of late, the scenerio spelled out may be of use even with a Rubio win.

Speaking of moot points, if you were to put any stock in the polls, this race now belongs to Marco Rubio – if he can keep his nose clean for the next 38 days.

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A Tea Party Pledge to the 112th Congress

We the citizens of America, having been faithful to the traditions of our Founding Fathers and those dedicated to the long-established American dream, pledge to be constantly vocal, vigilant, and instructive to Congress and the executive branch of the federal government regarding our feelings for, and rights under, the Constitution. We will persistently call upon the GOP to mean what they say with their Pledge to America dated September 23, 2010, and:

Never again allow the GOP, home of traditional conservatism, to hijack our dreams with moderate and liberal positions contrary to our American values, annually scoring each and every member of Congress on their adherence to the Pledge to America.

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Florida Governor: Scott (R) Pulls Slightly Ahead of Sink (D)

Rasmussen Reports

Republican businessman Rick Scott has moved to a six-point edge over Democrat Alex Sink and has hit the 50% support mark for the first time in Florida’s gubernatorial race.

The latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Voters shows Scott with 50% of the vote, while Sink, the state’s chief financial officer, earns 44% support when leaners are included. Six percent (6%) of voters prefer some other candidate in the race.

The new numbers shift this race to Leans Republican from a Toss-Up in the Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 Gubernatorial Scorecard.

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Grayson Slips By In District 8

What if you woke up on the morning of November 3rd and read the headlines “Grayson slips by in District 8”? How would you feel and what would you tell your children, friends, and neighbors?

That is a possibility that we have to consider, but the good news is we have time to avoid that scenario.

Our fate will be determined by the choices we make in the next several weeks and we will have to accept the consequences and the responsibility for what happens. In football or any other sport, we do not have much of a say in the outcome. In politics, we do.

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Suzanne Kosmas Runs False Ad

For Immediate Release September 24, 2010   Suzanne Kosmas Runs False Ad   Orlando, FL – Suzanne Kosmas is blatantly lying to the voters of Florida’s District-24.  In […]

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Video; Herman Cain Speaks At Orlando Spending Revolt Bus Tour Rally

By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

The Spending Revolt Bus Tour, a partnership between and Americans for Prosperity, rolled into Orlando today. A rally was held at Cypress Grove Park in south Orlando, featuring nationally known radio talk show host Herman Cain.

Video showcases Cain’s remarks to those gathered.

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Meet Sandy Adams, Candidate FL 24

This is a true grassroots effort, and we need you to do your part to make sure that Nancy Pelosi gets the message loud and clear!

On the campaign trail, Suzanne Kosmas tells voters that she is “independent” from the national democrats that are spending our grandchildren into poverty and standing in the way our economic recovery.

But last night she was in Washington side by side with Nancy Pelosi raising money to further their liberal agenda.

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Webster Campaign Releases 'Main Street' Television Ad

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 23, 2010 Daniel Webster for Congress Contact: Brian Graham at (904) 376-5288 [email protected]   Webster Campaign Releases ‘Main Street’ Television Ad    ORLANDO, FL – […]

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Florida Marine Corps League Denounces Alan Grayson's Use Of Photos

Congressman Grayson, a word to the wise, it’s not a smart move to upset the Corps!

A strongly worded letter (see below) was sent to Congressman Alan Grayson from the Florida Marine Corps League Commandant Bill Backes denouncing Grayson’s use of photos of uniformed North Lake Marines in campaign ads and calls for the removal of these photos. Backes stated that these actions were “inexcusable and despicable”.