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Sarah Palin Promotes Dan Webster Via Twitter

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sarah-palin-hold-onBy Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has indicated her support, via Twitter, of Dan Webster in the congressional district 8 race, taking a backhand swipe at repugnant Alan Grayson in the process by referencing him in two seperate ‘tweets’ without mentioning him by name;


@SarahPalinUSA Sarah Palin (29 Sept)
FL’s Daniel Webster – keep moving forward w/positive,strong,sharp message of truth! (As opposed to opponent who disgraced himself w/that ad)

@SarahPalinUSA Sarah Palin (30 Sept)
Florida deserves the best! No need 2 settle 4 such an odd,troubled character 2 represent your beautiful state. Take pride in Daniel Webster


Alan Grayson reacted today, sending out an email referring to Palin as the “half-baked Alaskan” and spoke of her “endeavoring to promote my Republican opponent, Daniel Webster, to Palin’s zombie horde”.  Naturally, he quickly followed this up with an appeal to send him money by contributing to his “Sarah Palin, Mind Your Own Business” Fund.

What is it with Grayson and his juvenile antics???  When you read his comments, it’s inconceivable to think that this man is a U.S. Congressman!  With record unemployment, record debt and record budget deficits, all of which Alan Grayson contributed to with his voting record, he seems to be yuk-ing it up.  At your expense.

And, now rumors are circulating that Sarah Palin will be making a campaign swing through Central Florida on October 23rd.  Reminds me of the movie ‘Tombstone‘, where Kurt Russell, playing Wyatt Earp, says to Ike Clanton, who is being allowed to escape unharmed so he can take a message back to the other bad guys, “‘You tell ’em I’m coming!  You tell ’em I’m coming, and I’m bringing Hell with me!”

Tom Tillison


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