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Wheels Are Falling Off The Alan Grayson Campaign

Wheels Are Falling Off The Alan Grayson Campaign

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

It seems the wheels are falling off the Alan Grayson campaign. 

After releasing a misleading ad attacking his district 8 Republican opponent Dan Webster as a ‘draft dodger’ and being admonished by a Veteran’s group for ‘shamelessly’ implying that Grayson was being endorsed by the group in that ad, and then following that up with an ad that was clearly edited to misconstrue Webster’s words, which has generated national condemnation, Grayson this week releases a positive ad.

Only one problem – it is an almost exact (unauthorized) remake of an Eliot Spitzer ad in 2006!

Jimmy Siegel, who made the original ad said in an email to Politico columnist Ben Smith, who sent the Grayson ad to him, “Can I sue for plagarism? Be great if you wrote a column saying that you’re not allowed to shamelessly copy things in other mediums, but for some reason some media consultants have no shame. They should pay me the media buy.  And to add insult to injury, they did a lousy job.”


Eliot Spitzer Ad In 2006


Alan Grayson Ad Released This Week


It’s only Tuesday, can Grayson’s week get any worse?  Take it from me, there’s more to come!  When you witness the utter incompetence that makes up the Grayson campaign, it leaves you stupefied that the man was ever elected in the first place!

Source – http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0910/Spitzer_consultant_wants_a_percentage.html?showall

Tom Tillison


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