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Takeover: 71% of Republicans Now Tea-Party Supporters

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Editor’s Note – Not sure if ‘takeover’ is an accurate description of current events.

I can attest that there is a healthy, productive relationship at play between the Orange County Republican Party and the local tea party movement.  An ongoing relationship based on common goals and mutual respect.  A relationship that has been forged in large part due to the outreach of current OCREC Chairman Lew Oliver. 

Some will say this is because there’s an election around the corner and it’s in the Republican Party’s interest to play up to the movement.  We’ll know that answer on November 3rd, although, my instincts tell me there’s more to it than that.

Of course, our detractor’s will now jump on this statement and question the tea party movement’s legitimacy.  They’ll call us GOP operatives, which will not be the first time that accusation has been hurled.  The only response to these ridiculous charges is to point out we are more interested in building bridges than we are in blowing them up.


Takeover: 71% of Republicans Now Tea-Party Supporters

By AllahPundit

In the survey, 71% of Republicans described themselves as tea-party supporters, saying they had a favorable image of the movement or hoped tea- party candidates would do well in the Nov. 2 elections…

The poll found that tea-party supporters make up one-third of the voters most likely to cast ballots in November’s midterm elections. This showed the movement “isn’t a small little segment, but it is a huge part of what’s driving 2010,” Mr. Hart said…

The tea party is a major driver of the so-called enthusiasm gap, with three-quarters of supporters saying they are intensely interested in the election…

Mr. McInturff said the tea-party movement had not necessarily drawn new people into the GOP. Rather, he said, “a substantial chunk of the Republican Party is rebranding themselves.”

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Tom Tillison


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