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Florida TaxWatch Hits Amendment 4

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Editor’s Note – Yet another group coming out against Amendment 4 and the potentially negative impact it will have on our economy.

Yes, the still struggling economy that continues to produce record unemplyment in Florida.

Vote No on 4 – It’s not just a slogan, it’s the way we do business! (Thanks, Andy Stern)


Florida TaxWatch Hits Amendment 4

By Abel Harding
The Florida Times-Union

Amendment 4 would wipe out private property rights and raise the cost of future investment in the state, according to Florida TaxWatch, a non-partisan taxpayer research institute.

The government watchdog said it had questions as to whether the amendment, which would require voter approval of changes to local comprehensive plans, was even practical.

“Amendment 4, should it be enacted, will introduce a large and consistent bias against voter approval of new projects,” the group said in the study. “Special interest groups might arise and be funded in attempts to convince a large number of people to vote for or against a given project.”

Along with special interest groups would come higher development and business expansion cost, according to the group.

Florida TaxWatch is currently working on a study in hopes that it can quantify the potential fiscal impact of Amendment 4. That study should be released soon.

You can find the groups conclusions on Amendment 4, as well as Amendments 2 and 8, here.

Read More – http://jacksonville.com/opinion/blog/403455/abel-harding/2010-09-21/florida-taxwatch-hits-amendment-4

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