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Video; Grayson Ad Shown To Be A Fabrication

With the truth now apparent for all to see, it’s very clear that honesty and integrity mean little to Alan Grayson. This effort by his campaign is designed to intentionally mislead the public and Grayson needs to be held accountable for this.

This man is a sitting U.S. Congressman is bound by a code of conduct becoming a man of his position.

Grayson must immediately pull the ad and issue a public apology to Daniel Webster and the residents of district 8.

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Webster Campaign Calls Latest Grayson Ad "Ludicrous"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 27, 2010 Daniel Webster for Congress Contact: Brian Graham at (904) 376-5288 [email protected]      Webster Campaign Calls Latest Grayson Ad “Ludicrous” ORLANDO, […]

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National “Coffee Party” Convention Is Total Failure

Editor’s Note – Try as they might, the left just cannot duplicate the phenomenal grassroots effort known as the tea party movement. And it’s driving them crazy!

Along with the ‘Coffee Party’, there was also an effort toward disrupting the movement, Crash The Tea Party, and, more recently, the Tea Party Tracker site. How’s that working out for ya’, far left zealots?

True passion and commitment are hard to duplicate, particularly when it centers around something as strong as love of country. The good news is, there’s still time for those on the left to set aside your hatred and misinformed views and jump on board! We can then all celebrate together, as Americans, on Nov. 2nd!

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Florida TaxWatch Hits Amendment 4

Editor’s Note – Yet another group coming out against Amendment 4 and the potentially negative impact it will have on our economy.

Yes, the still struggling economy that continues to produce record unemplyment in Florida.

Vote No on 4 – It’s not just a slogan, it’s the way we do business! (Thanks, Andy Stern)

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Obama Administration Wants Right To Wiretap The Internet

Remember the reaction by the far left and the media each and every time President Bush tried to tweek the Patriot Act? And the response to this announcement by the Obama administration?

And, from the Libertarians, who, to this very day, STILL criticize Bush over this? Not a peep…

Sometimes, it seems that some folks just like to complain for the sake of complaining, or because it’s the ‘hip’ thing to do at the time. Or, because the opposing position reinforces the self concieved idea of being outside the norm, the romantic embrace of rebellion.