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Alan Grayson's Character Deficit

The first instinct is to respond in kind.

Point out Grayson’s well documented history of being disrespectful to women. Draw attention to his reference to the female lobbyist as a “K-Street whore”, or, go even further and talk about the persistent rumor that has been circulating about Alan Grayson slapping a female coworker a few years back – an action that reportedly resulted in him being committed to a mental institute for several days.

But, to do that, we allow ourselves to stoop to his level, which we won’t do.

BizPac Review
New World Order

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the attempt to ruin the American Dream ended in a worldwide TEA Party revolt where capitalism and constitutional government became the world standard and all the little despot totalitarians were arrested by their own countrymen, given swift, fair trials and put in jail.

Could it be that from that stand on principal in Boston Harbor nearly two and a half centuries ago that a new revolt that could change the world order has been spawned? Not the world order that the Soros’ of the world had in mind but instead one based on the rights of self determination.