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Suzanne Kosmas Runs False Ad

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For Immediate Release
September 24, 2010



Suzanne Kosmas Runs False Ad


Orlando, FL – Suzanne Kosmas is blatantly lying to the voters of Florida’s District-24.  In her September 21, “Breaks” commercial Suzanne falsely claims, “The Tallahassee politician [Sandy Adams] signed a pledge to protect tax breaks for companies to ships jobs overseas.” 

But, Kosmas’ ad is a carbon copy of an ad the DCCC used earlier this year in Hawaii – an ad deemed “false” by FactCheck.org.  As Brooks Jackson, stated in “A False Tax Attack” on FactCheck.org, “The pledge only protects corporations from an increase in taxation overall.  It explicitly allows elimination of any specific tax deduction or credit if matched dollar for dollar by an overall cut in rates.  And it says nothing about jobs.”

Suzanne Kosmas needs to stop the deceptive advertisements and attempts to deflect the public from her own questionable voting record. Kosmas votes the same as Nancy Pelosi 93% of the time and the 2009 Stimulus Bill is no exception.  Suzanne Kosmas voted for the Obama Stimulus, which as Patrice Hill of the Washington Times explains included, “$2.3 billion of manufacturing credits, to foreign firms that employed workers primarily in countries including China, South Korea, and Spain, rather than the United States.”


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