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Grayson Slips By In District 8

UntitledGrayson Slips By In District 8

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By Ron McCoy
West Orlando Tea Party

What if you woke up on the morning of November 3rd and read the headlines “Grayson slips by in District 8”?  How would you feel and what would you tell your children, friends, and neighbors?

That is a possibility that we have to consider, but the good news is we have time to avoid that scenario.  Our fate will be determined by the choices we make in the next several weeks and we will have to accept the consequences and the responsibility for what happens.  In football or any other sport, we do not have much of a say in the outcome.  In politics, we do. 

Being a spectator has its’ advantages, but the downside is that you only get to celebrate when your team wins and you have no control in the outcome. In sports, spectators have no input and the only thing we can do is hope for the best and enjoy the game.  At times it can be downright depressing when things are not going our way. In real life, particularly politics, we have the opposite scenario.  We do have input and we can attempt to control the end result, or at least have an influence.

We are blessed that we can vote.  We can get out and make a difference if we so choose rather than being a spectator and accepting what comes our way.  I like the idea of at least trying to control our destiny and I believe that we all aspire to do the best we can.  That is the American Dream.  Of course, I know we are all busy with everyday life and the challenges we all face.  We are in one of the most difficult times in our nation’s history and we are facing challenges that are so immense that I have heard friends say they don’t even watch the news anymore.  I get it, as I am sure most of you do, but doing nothing is not an option for me and many other Americans today.

I was at the Spending Revolt bus tour this past week with several patriots from our group and I heard many themes from the keynote speaker, Herman Cain, that really resonated with me and the others who were there.  In short, we are not alone and we are making a difference in the political landscape today.  That is a fact. Look no further than the attacks from the left at the tea party movement.  They are trying desperately to marginalize the movement.  Why?  Because we are a threat to their socialist agenda and they hate it.  They have a plan that revolves around apathy and misinformation.  That is the only way they win, and fortunately, we know their game plan.

The question is: do we care enough to do what it takes to ensure a victory?  We are facing a challenger that will stop at nothing to win even if it means cheating.

Any great coach will tell you that in order to win, you have to go the extra mile to win. If you lose because the other team cheated, there was a blown call, or the environment was brutal, then you did not prepare hard enough to claim victory.  Like I always tell my kids who somehow think life should be “fair”, life is not fair, so get over it and do the best you can.  If you fall short of your goals, at least you will know that you gave it your all and that is nothing to be ashamed of and it makes you a better person.  If Alan Grayson and all of the other progressive liberals stay in office after November, at least I can say to my children I tried.

On the morning of Saturday, October 9th, you will have a chance to participate in the largest ‘walk’ in Central Florida and make a difference.  We are calling it the 1000 Patriot Walk and we will be filling local neighborhoods throughout Central Florida to educate and inform voters about the issues we face today and motivate them to vote and take a stand.  How you want to participate is up to you. 

For more information, go to www.WestOrlandoTeaParty.org


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