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Sandy Adams; September 11th Anniversary


September 11th Anniversary

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Orlando, FL – Nine years ago the September 11th terrorist attacks were orchestrated against the United States. In this act we lost civilians, military, law enforcement, fire and EMS first responders. Although the terrorists hijacked planes they did not hijack the ideals for which the United States stands. While terrorist organizations continue to attempt harm to Americans the United States remains an iconic image of freedom, democracy and the American Dream.   

The American Dream can not survive without economic stability.  Recently our highest ranking military officer, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned that the greatest threat facing our nation is our crushing national debt.  That is a sobering statement from the man responsible for confronting international terrorism and Iran’s nuclear ambitions.  We must halt Washington’s reckless spending.  We must foster the natural economic growth that will fulfill our promises and pay our debt.  Our national security requires it and our children and grandchildren demand it.  

“September 11th marks a tragedy in our history that we must never forget.  With each year the shock dissipates yet the image remains vivid.  It is essential that we create and maintain policies that protect our citizens and borders. I would like to close with a heartfelt prayer for the fallen, and thoughts to our personnel still on the front lines,” stated Sandy Adams.


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