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FL #2 and FL #8: Stunning Support From College Republicans

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Editor’s Note – Taking a trip down memory lane, do you recall back in 2008 how it seemed that the youth of America had all gone over to the dark side? 

With the Left Coast entertainment industry leading the way, supporting Barack Obama and his Progressive agenda was the hip thing to do.  Wanna be cool?  Get on board!

Back to the present, it seems the Left Coast is beginning to bail on Obama and we now see young men and women getting involved, educating themselves on the issues and discerning for themselves what is best for the future of this great land.  How refreshing!

Go U.C.F. College Republicans!!!


FL #2 and FL #8: Stunning Support From College Republicans

Practical State

Responding subtly but effectively to Allen Boyd’s speaking engagement with FSU College Democrats,  the FSU College Republicans   organized a phone bank to call on behalf of the state’s GOP candidates and were overwhelmed with volunteers.  

At the same time, the calls were being made in Tallahassee, the UCF Republicans were also making calls to voters with no party affiliation. In the organized contest between the two GOP clubs UCF made more calls, 3595-2549.

Both efforts clearly benefit efforts to elect Republicans Steve Southerland (FL2) and Dan Webster (FL8).  The are running against encombant Democrat Congressmen Allen Boyd and Alan Grayson, respectively.

This is astonishing when one considers conventional wisdom that college age students are  in the Democrat’s pocket and an always reliable bloc. Maybe not.

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Tom Tillison


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