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Florida Pastor Says, Burn, Quran, Burn

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terryjones-church-bookEditor’s Note – The pastor who intends to burn Qurans on Sept. 11 is standing firm in the face of growing opposition. 

Late last night, Glenn Beck, on the heels of his ‘Restoring Honor’ rally, interupted his vacation to say this action is wrong;

“We must be the better person.  We must be bigger than our problems.  Bigger than the times in which we live.  Burning the Koran is like burning the flag or the Bible.  You can do it, but whose heart will you change by doing it?   You will only harden the hearts of those who could be moved.   None of those who are thinking about killing us will be affected, but our good Muslim friends and neighbors will be saddened. It makes the battle that they face inside their own communities even harder.”

Terry Jones is doing a disservice to our troops and to the conservative movement in this country and needs to stand down.  His planned actions are extreme, misguided and dangerous.  Certainly not what one would expect from a man of God.

Furthermore, the media in this country will trip all over themselves to tie this incident to the tea party movement, and,  by extension, the Republican Party.  Which is unfair, but we stopped expecting fair treatment from the left a long, long time ago.

Hopefully, rational thinking and a sense of principle will prevail here…


Florida Pastor Says, Burn, Quran, Burn

By Kenric Ward
Sunshine State News

Branding Islam a “violent and oppressive religion” a Gainesville pastor said his church will mark Sept. 11 by burning Qurans.

Terry Jones, leader of Dove World Outreach Center, is grabbing international headlines for his incendiary demonstration and fiery rhetoric spread via YouTube videos. His latest critic is Gen. David Petraeus, who said U.S. troops in Afghanistan could become targets of Muslim Taliban fighters there.

Jones, who has already been hanged in effigy in that war-torn country, is unapologetic.

“Jesus would burn the Quran, because it’s not a holy book,” Jones said recently.

“Things like 9/11, Fort Hood, and the honor killings … these are possibly not isolated incidents. These are things that, if we don’t stand up now, they can increase.”

Read More – http://www.sunshinestatenews.com/story/florida-pastor-terry-jones-says-burn-quran-burn


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