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Grayson; 'If There Is A Wave, It Certainly Hasn't Reached These Shores'

fullsail_cermony_666f-575x700Grayson; ‘If There Is A Wave, It Certainly Hasn’t Reached These Shores’

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

In an interview with local radio station WDBO, Congressman Alan Grayson claims that the nationwide surge of voter preference toward Republican candidates has not reached Central Florida, even though in poll after poll, voters are voicing unprecedented support for a Republican candidate over a Democrat. 

In an ABC News/Washington Post poll released just this morning, 55 percent of registered voters said they believed it was important to have Republicans control Congress “to act as a check on [President] Obama’s policies.”  Thirty-nine percent of registered voters, by contrast, said they want Democrats in charge.

The new surveys follow a Gallup poll released last week that showed voters prefer a generic Republican candidate by 10 points over a Democratic candidate.

Grayson seems to be ‘whistling past the graveyard’ as he attempts to create an image that he’s out in front of Dan Webster in the district.  Citing “internal polls”, of which he does not release the questions or the sampling of voters, Grayson claims he has a 13% lead.  These poll results are immediately brought into question when it shows that ‘Others’ are garnering 23% of the vote. 

Many local activists see this as part of an ongoing attempt by Alan Grayson to prop up a third party candidate as a legitimate contender in hopes of splitting the conservative vote.

Grayson goes on in the interview to indicate just how out of touch he is with the current sentiment in this country by voicing support for even more stimulus-type projects to create jobs, even though 55% of the country opposes more spending.  He also touts his ability to bring home pork to the district, as if this bolsters his re-election chances.  

“We have to lift up the whole economy”, Grayson said.  “That’s what we’ve tried to do by bringing in an extra $100 million in federal grant money just in the past year alone.”

He fails to mention that he has already voted for over $800 Billion of stimulus legislation that has failed to lift up the economy, or point out that the federal grant money that he boasts of adds directly to the record federal deficit.

Other trends that Grayson seems to feel insulated against is that Republican turnout statewide exceeded Democratic turnout in the primary by 40 to 50 percent and Independent voters also appear to be breaking for Republicans. The Washington Post poll showed independent voters preferring Republicans by a 13-point margin.

It seems that someone is in for a rude awakening come November, and rest assured, November is coming!

Tom Tillison


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