NAACP, Left-Leaning Media Groups Form Tea Party Tracking Site

Editor’s Note – Well, you gotta give it to the left for persistence!  ‘Try, try, try again…’tracker_397x224

It’s evident that the Progressive Left considers the tea party movement a serious threat in the upcoming mid-term elections.  Remember the ‘Crash the Tea Party’ site that was rolled out earlier in the year?  The difference here is this new site has serious funding.

For those who make up the tea party movement, consider this another victory. 

At the same time, it raises the bar on conduct even higher, although, knowing the left, if they can’t find what their seeking, they’ll create themselves.


NAACP, Left-Leaning Media Groups Form Tea Party Tracking Site

A new website sponsored by the NAACP and left-leaning media operations is seeking videographers and bloggers who will search out “racism” and “extremism” among Tea Partiers. will feature tweets, interviews with people at rallies, blog entries and a picture of a t-shirt they say someone spotted at a rally that reads “Blacks own slaves in Mauitania, Sudan, Niger & Haiti.”

The site, sponsored by the NAACP, Think Progress, New Left Media and Media Matters for America, will monitor “racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement. We call on the Tea Party to repudiate extremists among their ranks and join in civil dialogue with all Americans.”

The site’s logo is also an old aphorism, apparently meant to suggest that monitoring the Tea Party will prevent the group from becoming more effective. “A watched teapot never boils,” it reads.

The site’s success will likely be measured in the “gotcha” moments it can accumulate that aim to embarrass or undermine the Tea Party movement.

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