Video; DisGrayson District 8

Video; DisGrayson District 8

By Ron McCoy

The West Orlando Tea Party released their second video entitled DisGrayson District 8.  The video rewinds back over the last two years with some of Alan’s shining moments.  It also serves to remind voters that they are responsible for electing competent officials and that being complacent does have consequences.

When we were in DC last week, there was a buzz (boos) about Grayson when people learned we were from Orlando.  “Are y’all getting rid of Grayson” one patriot asked while we were at the Mall during the Restoring Honor Rally.

Some people also asked us about Grayson’s ties to the fake tea party(Florida TEA Party) and if it will affect the election.  Our answer was that we thought Webster would win if people don’t fall for the Florida Tea Party trick.


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