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Video; Rick Scott Introduces Jennifer Carroll As His Running Mate

Rick Scott introduced Jennifer Carroll to Orlando at a press event open to the public on September 2. While local pundits put their spin on the motives and results, the candidates themselves explained their goals best in their own words.

All of the local news channels were present but most don’t have the air time to show you the whole of their statements, so here is “The Rest”

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Most Voters Believe that Democrats in Congress Want to Raise Taxes, Increase Government Spending

Editor’s Note – Wow, not exactly what you want voters believing two months from an election.

Just one more indicator that the Democrats will lose the majority in the House come November. Curious just how Mr. ‘Tax and Spend’ Alan Grayson is going to spin this one to fool voters into thinking he’s on their side.

Remember this old saying folks; fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me…

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All Six Primary Contenders Endorse Daniel Webster

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 1, 2010 Contact: Brian Graham  (904) 376-5288 [email protected]      All Six Primary Contenders Endorse Daniel Webster   ORLANDO, FL – One week ago, […]