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Central Florida Tea Party Council Endorses Daniel Webster

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August 26th, 2010


The Central Florida Tea Party Council Endorses Daniel Webster(R), Candidate For Congress In Florida’s 8th District, In Bid To Unseat Alan Grayson(D) In November

A clear alignment of Webster’s policy positions, principals, and values, with those of the tea party movement, earns Webster this Tea Party endorsement and full commitment of support for his campaign.


Seven American patriots entered the Republican primary in Florida’s 8th Congressional District, each vying for the opportunity to challenge Congressman Alan Grayson (D) in November; and, each in the knowledge that only one could emerge as the Party nominee.

In a challenging primary, unique in the number of candidates in the field at the finish, these candidates are to be commended for the commitment of their personal reputations, their time and their treasure, and their tireless efforts in seeking their Party’s nomination.

On Tuesday, the voters made their choice. With 40% of the vote, Daniel Webster, the highly respected, former Florida House Minority Leader and Florida Senate Majority Leader won the Republican nomination.

Today, The Central Florida Tea Party Council is pleased to announce our endorsement of Daniel Webster and his candidacy. Mr. Webster has a distinguished reputation as a strong conservative. He has proven that he believes in a limited role of the Federal government in our lives; and, he has shown a committment to fiscal responsibility. It is because of these shared principals, values, and policy positions that we line up in support of Daniel Webster in the campaign ahead.

“Daniel Webster is the ideal conservative candidate to run against Alan Grayson, because the contrasts could not be more striking”, says WOTP Founder Ron McCoy. “We are honored to endorse Mr. Webster and will do all that we can to help him defeat Alan Grayson in November.”

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Tom Tillison


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