And Now . . .

And Now . . .

By Allen Wilson

An interesting primary for the GOP and much to be gleaned from the results. Some are happy, to some the results may be bittersweet.

The challenge remains ahead. Neither District 24 nor District 8 will be a cake walk. Regardless of your favorites the time for incremental differences is over. The time for action remains.

The ideological differences in the upcoming general election leave little room for fence sitters. I fully expect the undecided numbers in the polls to be minimal. Although there may be some issues within, they are for another time and place.

Winning over votes will be difficult but try we must. Winning over votes is not the goal though. What we must do is turn out the vote because that is what will secure the victory in November. To many the votes have already been cast, they only require delivery. The likelyhood that minds will be changes is small.

Take a moment, steel your resolve, adjust your course slightly if necessary then make the call. Ask the question that needs to be asked. “What can I do to help?” The last 10 months have proven we have the resolve to fight for our candidate and the voice to make ourselves heard. There is little time and much to be done. Organizing the logistics to get every conservative voter registered and to the polls is a big job but one that can and must be done.

Keep the momentum going.

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