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McCollum, Scott; Down To The Wire

scott-mccollumMcCollum, Scott; Down To The Wire

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

And we’re down to the wire!  With one day to go in the Republican primary race for governor, the poll numbers are coming fast and furious. 

According to a Mason-Dixon poll released Saturday, Attorney General Bill McCollum leads Rick Scott 45-36 percent in a survey of likely Republican voters.

Then, Public Policy Polling released a survey last night that shows Rick Scott leading Bill McCollum 47-40 in the race for governor.

Quinnipiac then follows with results showing McCollum ahead of Scott by 4 percentage points (39-35) in the race.

What does it all mean?  It means the poll that really matters will be taken tomorrow at the ballot box. 

What is not being measured is the divide this race is creating amongst registered Republicans.  In many ways, this race epitomizes the political climate over the past year and a half.  The consummate insider against a raw, untested newcomer. 

With so many in America looking past the politics of old that have brought us to where we are today and no longer willing to settle for more of the same,  this race offers an alternative.  For some, it provides hope for a return to common sense and practicality in our government, where the will of the people rises above what’s best for the party.  For the old guard, this is seen as little more than ignorance and naivete.

What is indisputable is that whoever emerges from the governor’s race will have a lot of healing to do. 

And a lot of work – speaking of polls, Alex Sink, who was but a blip on the radar a few short months ago is now leading both McCollum and Scott thanks to the great success the two have had at destroying one another.  At a time when the political climate heavily favors conservatives, when success is all but guaranteed, the only hope the Democrats have is that the Republicans will shoot themselves in the foot.

Can someone get a bandage…?

Tom Tillison


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