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Blue Collar Corner; 9/11 Hard Hat Pledge

LindaBlue Collar Corner; 9/11 Hard Hat Pledge

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By Linda O’Keefe
Orlando Political Press

Have you heard of this? A New York City union member who blogs at a website called “Blue Collar Corner” posted a “9/11 Hard Hat Pledge”.  This pledge states that he would not work on the mosque at ground zero.

Pledge can be seen here – http://www.bluecollarcorner.com/blog/?p=750

Apparently, other union members are also signing on to the pledge. Each union member who takes the pledge to not work on the Ground Zero Mosque will be given stickers to put on their hard hats in protest of the mosque.

Remember, Speaker Pelosi has threatened to investigate the funding behind this anti-mosque movement!

Imagine: the leader of the Democrat party in Congress threatening to investigate union workers!! As Glenn Beck would say: “this is like conservative porn!”

Union leadership has been quiet on this controversy, as have the New York Senators Schumer & Gillibrand!

I am thrilled to see this issue drive a huge wedge between the Labor Union Workers and the Democrat Party. Ha Ha Ha!

And, who was it that elevated this controversy to a national level? Oh yeah, President Obama at his Ramadan Dinner! Is there not a matter that this man can refrain from commenting on?


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