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I Voted Today!

votedI Voted Today!

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Well, I finally did it – I voted today!

True to my nature, I procrastinated until the next to last day of early voting to do the deed.  Walking into the West Oaks Branch Library, proudly wearing my ‘November is Coming’ t-shirt, complimentary of Americans for Prosperity, the poll workers sensed right away that I was a voter to be reckoned with.

Armed with knowledge and determination, I felt powerful.  I was fulfilling the role our Founding Fathers intended for the citizens of this country by taking responsibility for it’s future direction.

Upon arriving, I was greeted at the door by a very pleasant gentleman who pointed me in the right direction.  As I approached the polling area, I could see there was no one ahead of me, which meant no waiting!  There were three, maybe four people already in the process of voting, which I hope is not an indication of the interest in this election.  With so much at stake, how can you sit this one out and expect things to improve? 

The entire process took about seven minutes, which included time mulling over just who was I going to vote for in district 8!  Believe it or not, I was still trying to make that decision even as I marked the ballot.

As I exited, I was given my customary ‘I Have Voted’ sticker and I walked out feeling every bit an American citizen.  I felt proud, as if I was part of something far bigger than myself.  I also felt a real sense of accomplishment, knowing that I had played my small role in the make up of that greater whole.

And I received all of this in exchange for seven minutes of my time. 

If our Founding Fathers were willing to sacrifice their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, surely we can sacrifice a few minutes of our time.  If you haven’t voted yet, early voting runs through tomorrow and this coming Tuesday, August 24th is the actual primary with the polls open all day until 7:00PM.

Vote!  Vote as if your future depends on it!

Tom Tillison


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