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Congressional Candidate Ross Bieling Strongly Condemns Elitist Republican Establishment

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Congressional Candidate Ross Bieling Strongly Condemns Elitist Republican Establishment


(Winter Park, Florida) 8th District Congressional Candidate, Ross Bieling, a pro-life, conservative business owner of a Central Florida medical manufacturing company strongly condemned the Republican establishment as elitists and out of touch with the average conservative voter in an interview with Mark Schlueb of the Orlando Sentinel yesterday. 

The text of the interview is as follows:

A candidate in Florida’s 8th Congressional District is blasting the Republican Party as an “out of touch,tired old horse.”

Why is this news? Because the candidate is a lifelong Republican. Businessman Ross Bieling is one of a pack of Republicans on the ballot for Tuesday’s GOP primary who hopes to take on incumbent Democrat Alan Grayson.

Bieling doesn’t have much in common with Grayson, but they seem to agree when it comes to the GOP. In particular, Bieling said he’s not happy with the reception he’s received from party officials in Orange County. No “welcome to the race” phone call, and Bieling said emails to Orange County GOP chairman Lew Oliver have never been returned.

There are seven Republicans in the race, but Bieling is steamed that the party seems to have already picked former state Sen. Dan Webster as its champion. Webster is a good man “whose time has come and gone,” Bieling said, and party leaders should realize that.

“The Republican Party as a whole is absolutely out of touch,” Bieling told the Orlando Sentinel today. “It’s out of touch with small business, and it’s out of touch with what’s happening in this country with the tea party. We have massive debt, and the Republican Party did just as much as the Democrats to get us where we’re at.

“It has become a tired old horse of elitists. They choose who they want to win these elections. The party has become a dinosaur.”

Bieling is also critical of the state GOP’s decision to fund a lawsuit against candidates from the Florida Tea Party, which he calls a “stunt.”


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