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What's Going On With The Florida Attorney General Race?

What’s Going On With The Florida Attorney General Race?

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Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

One of my favorite movie lines is from the movie Tombstone, when the villian Johnny Ringo challenges Wyatt Earp to a gunfight.  When Earp ignores his challenge, Val Kilmer’s character, Doc Holliday steps off the porch and says “I’ll be your huckleberry”…

So, in that spirit, in an age where most are unwilling, I will ask the obvious question; What in the heck is going on with the Florida Attorney General race???

Yesterday, out of the blue, Sarah Palin comes out and endorses Pam Bondi.  Surprising that she would engage in this race, is it not? 

Then, today, we have Newt Gingrich step up and endorse one of Bondi’s challengers, Holly Benson!

Two of the biggest conservative names in the country suddenly have an invested interest in who will be the Attorney General of Florida???

Can someone clue me in here!?

And, what does this say about the relationship between Palin and Newt?  Does Newt’s actions today signify that he sees Palin as a threat to his political aspirations in 2012?  And is it safe to assume that these two heavy hitters will not be seen on the same stage at the same time any time soon?

Ain’t politics grand?

Tom Tillison


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