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Brighthouse vs ESPN

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I know this is the Orlando Political Press and not the Orlando Sporting News, but hey, sports ranks right up there with politics on the “Things that Are Most Important to Real Men” list. My apologies to the ladies for that pseudo-chauvenist remark, but hey, being politically correct was never something I could be accused of.

Anyway, it seems Brighthouse’s tendency to enter high-profile contract disputes with major networks is rearing its ugly head again, this time with ESPN. That’s right, the cable service provider that duked it out with FOX and almost cost us the Super Bowl (and O’Rielly, Beck and the rest of Fox News for that matter) is entering the ring again, this time taking on the Disney-owned sports network.

My word to the wise: ignore this one and it will pass. I think there’s about a snowball’s chance in hell that Brighthouse doesn’t keep ESPN. Seriously, Brighthouse, you’re taking on Disney? Winning that battle is about as likely as Tom Tillison running for president and beating Obama in a DNC primary!


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