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Florida's Supreme Court To Decide Whether We Can Vote For Health Care Freedom

Florida’s Supreme Court To Decide Whether We Can Vote For Health Care Freedom

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By Jesse Phillips

Mark down your calendars for this Wednesday, August 18th, at 9:00am, when the Florida Supreme Court will decide whether to allow Floridians to vote yes or no on Amendment 9, the Health Care Freedom Act.

The HCFA was passed by the Florida legislature and was scheduled to go on the ballot as a proposed amendment to the state constitution. A court, however, ruled that the ballot summary was misleading, taking it off the ballot. An appeal was made to the state Supreme Court to revisit the issue, which it will do on Wednesday.

Passing this amendment is absolutely vital to ensure that Floridians have the freedom to make decisions regarding their health care. The recent federal health care overhaul, particularly the hefty IRS fines on individuals and companies, threaten our ability to exercise our rights to choose if and when to purcahse health care services and insurance. This amendment will enshrine this right into our state constitution and will allow Florida to join other states such as Missouri in taking steps to protect against the federal governments recent violation of the rights of its citizens.


The Yes On 9 campaign is looking for candidate partners. If you are a candidate for any state or federal office in Florida, you can stand with the Yes On 9 supporters and help us raise awareness of this vital initiative by talking about your support of it and encouraging the other candidates in your race to do the same. There is a Candidate Pledge you can download, sign and return. If you know of any candidates, please send this link to them for their consideration.


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