FL-8 Pre-Primary Financial Reports

FL-8 Pre-Primary Financial Reports

By Steve Pickering

Candidate pre-primary financial reports are now available for the 8th Congressional District. The data is current as of August 4th, and provides a snapshot of candidate finances on that date.   This is an update to the data reported in my previous article.

Name Received Spent Cash Avail
Fanelli $47,373 $46,851 $518
Kelly $248,632 $167,820 $80,811
Long $255,324 $159,420 $95,902
O’Donoghue $550,864 $472,775 $78,089
Sullivan $63,387 $60,641 $2,745
Webster $326,460 $221,365 $105,095

Note: No published data was available for Ross Bieling.

The figures reflect heavy spending by each candidate as the primary election approaches.  Except for Daniel Webster, who raised more than $85,000 during the 35-day reporting period, fund-raising activity was modest.

During the same period, Alan Grayson, the Democratic candidate for the general election, raised more than $209,000.

Please watch for further analysis and commentary on finances during the next week.  Readers interested in reading the full reports may generate copies at the following address:  http://www.fec.gov/finance/disclosure/srssea.shtml

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