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Sager Calls Nugent’s Social Security Scare Tactics Deplorable

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Sager Calls Nugent’s Social Security Scare Tactics Deplorable

Nugent Mailer Falsely Claims Sager would Jeopardize Social Security Benefits.


Brooksville, FL, August 9, 2010 – Just in time for early voting the Ginny Brown-Waite campaign currently occupied by Richard B. “Rich” Nugent has committed a truly despicable act. Mr. Nugent has been busy spending all those special interest dollars from Washington DC to spread misinformation.

Voters were awakened over the weekend to find their latest mailer from our opponent . It is designed to scare our seniors away from supporting Jason by telling them that their social security benefits are in jeopardy if they elect Jason Sager.

This is of course not true and Jason Sager has been very clear on this issue.

Jason said, “Throughout this entire campaign I have been nothing but honest with the people of district five and have informed everyone that I would sign on with Republican Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin’s plan called ‘The Roadmap for America’s Future.’ This plan is a 65 year plan to give future generations of retiring Americans a choice. This plan is specifically designed to NOT affect anyone over the age of 55. Mr. Nugent supports this plan as well. I find it very distasteful and down right dishonorable for a man who is running for the trust of our people to just blatantly lie to the electorate simply because he has the money to do so. I condemn this type of campaigning. The people of this district are fed up with this kind of politics as well.”

For the complete response from Jason Sager, please go to www.standwithsager.com. You can also view the videotape where Jason discusses Ryan’s plan. This short video will also show you how Mr. Nugent clearly supports it as well even though he is now condemning Jason Sager for it.


Jason P. Sager is a candidate for United States Representative in the August 24th Republican Primary for Congressional District 5. He believes in limited government as defined in our Constitution and not as assigned by a political party. He is asking for the honor and privilege to be the voice of the people in Congress for Florida’s Fifth Congressional District. He believes it’s time that the people set the agenda, not the politicians..



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