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RedState Debunks Miller Attacks Against Diebel

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August 6, 2010

RedState Debunks Miller Attacks Against Diebel


“The People Attacking Karen Diebel for These Votes are Either Ignorant or Deeply Opposed to Fiscally Responsible Government”


Excerpts from Erick Erickson’s Article Below…

I haven’t really jumped into FL-24 race other than to raise some concerns I had with Karen Diebel that everyone assures me are actually not big issues.

But one thing that has jumped out at me is some of the attacks on Diebel about her voting for tax increases on the Winter Park City Council in Florida.

Were I to run for Congress, I’d be beaten up for these same votes. Why?

This post is not intended to be pro-Karen or anti-anyone else. I don’t know enough about the race to make a choice. But I saw this list and realized the people attacking Karen Diebel for these votes are either ignorant or deeply opposed to fiscally responsible government operations and the taxi cab industry.

Sometimes, at the local level, taxes and fees must go up because of federal and state mandates. It looks like Diebel always sided with increasing the cost to those who use a service and not punishing all the taxpayers.

What you won’t find in these attacks, and what I think is commendable, is the frequency with which Karen Diebel has been the lone or almost the only “no” vote on a host of popular measures on her city council. As the person who routinely votes against funding outside entities on our city council, I appreciate her willingness to do what’s right and be unpopular.

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