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Cabinet Unanimously Backs E-Verify to Stop State From Hiring Illegal Aliens

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Editor’s Note – Whereas, this is a step in the right direction, once has to ask; what took ya’ so long?

Had Rick Scott not made this a campaign issue, would we have seen this action?  Is it just a coincident that this takes place less than three weeks before the primary?  Is it being driven by poll results?  Is this just another example of political expediency taking precedent over what’s best for the citizens of Florida?

I know, I know, too many questions…too little time!


Cabinet Unanimously Backs E-Verify to Stop State From Hiring Illegal Aliens

By Kevin Darby
Sunshine State News

With immigration emerging as one of the chief issues in the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination — and trying to catch up with front-runner Rick Scott — Attorney General Bill McCollum sponsored a motion at Thursday’s Cabinet meeting for state offices to use E-Verify to ensure that no illegal aliens are hired.

E-Verify is a service provided at no cost by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration. It compares completed I-9s filled out by potential employees to information held by the federal government. 

McCollum’s motion was backed by every member of the Cabinet: Gov. Charlie Crist who is running as an independent for the U.S. Senate; state CFO Alex Sink who is the Democratic front-runner in the gubernatorial race; and Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles Bronson, the only member of the Cabinet not seeking another office this election cycle.

E-Verify has also led to clashes between the Scott and McCollum teams. Scott has expressed support for all Florida employers, both private and public, to use the E-Verify system. Scott’s team has also been very critical of McCollum for ignoring E-Verify, which was established back in 1997, until he faced a serious challenge in a gubernatorial primary.

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Tom Tillison


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