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Alan Grayson Runs Back To The Arms Of MSNBC On Troop Funding Debate

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Alan Grayson Runs Back To The Arms Of MSNBC On Troop Funding Debate

Rather than Debate Conservative Kurt Kelly on Troop Funding Debate, Alan Grayson Opts for Solo Appearance on MSNBC to Defend Far-Left Agenda

Kurt Kelly Offers to Debate Alan Grayson Any Time, Any Place 


(Orlando, FL) – Ultra-liberal Rep. Alan Grayson (D-MSNBC) took to familiar airwaves last night to defend himself against conservative small businessman Kurt Kelly’s criticism on the troop funding debate, and Grayson showed that he’s clearly on the defensive about his leftist ideology.

Grayson’s interview on MSNBC’s “the ED show”, which can be viewed by clicking here, featured some of Grayson’s strongest language in months, a clear indication that the first-term lawmaker knows he’s in trouble. In recent days, Kelly has continually criticized Grayson’s decision to waste $73,000 in taxpayer money on a self-promotional DVD mailing while missing, and then later opposing, last week’s war supplemental funding bill to protect our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Last Friday, Kelly appeared on Fox Business News’ “Money Rocks” program and showed that he’s ready to go toe-to-toe with Grayson, any time, any place. Friday’s interview, which can be viewed by clicking here, began with a video teaser featuring Grayson’s now-famous “Die Quickly!” rant from the House floor, and continued with the controversy surrounding Grayson’s “yes-to-DVDs/no-to-American-troops” behavior.

“(Grayson) missed the vote. He took a walk on the vote to provide supplemental funding for our soldiers,” Kelly said Friday evening. “(Grayson) put our soldiers, our men and women in the military, in harm’s way and, in fact, maybe he wants them to die?”

“Money Rocks” host Eric Bolling, a graduate of Rollins College, ended the interview by offering Grayson the opportunity to debate Kelly on the show, to which Kelly immediately accepted.

“I think people want to see someone with the strength and ability to take on Alan Grayson. He is a bully,” Kelly toldPolitico in a follow-up interview Monday.

Conservative small businessman Kurt Kelly currently serves District 24 in the Florida House of Representatives and is challenging liberal Alan Grayson for the District Eight Congressional seat.

Kelly has recently been endorsed by the Associated Industries of Florida, the Eagle Forum, and Republican Congressman Cliff Stearns. For more information about the Kelly for Congress campaign, or to book a debate between Kurt Kelly and Alan Grayson, please visit www.kellyforcongress.com or call Betsy VanderLey at (407) 393-5300.



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