Ronald Reagan Appointee Ambassador William Casey Endorses Sandy Adams

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Ronald Reagan Appointee Ambassador William Casey Endorses Sandy Adams


Orlando, FL – Sandy Adams is pleased to announce the endorsement of Ambassador William Casey for U.S. Congress, District 24. As a Reagan appointee, Ambassador Casey represented the United States in the Republic of Niger from 1981-1985. Among his many credentials, he has a background as a mining engineer and successful businessman. Ambassador Casey understands the imperative need to have a varied energy policy, trustworthy representation, and a government that encourages private sector growth rather than impeding it.

Ambassador Casey stated, “Sandy has shown in the past her ability and determination to fully understand an issue before she decides to vote. She would never sign or vote for these humongous bills now being passed in Congress without reading it. She has shown the courage of her convictions many times going against the powers that be in her party.”

“I have great respect for Ambassador Casey and appreciate his support. The term ‘representative’ is not a title but a job description and I believe in representing voters to the best of my ability. I have a proven conservative record that I am proud of,” said Adams.

In a time when out-of-control spending threatens our fiscal health and Democrats raise taxes on Americans, we need a strong statement to be sent to Washington, D.C.; that social and fiscal irresponsibility will no longer be tolerated. Transparency and accountability is necessary for proper functioning of our Congress – not politics as usual. Sandy Adams is committed to take back our government and return to the constitutional principles intended by the Founding Fathers.About Sandy Adams

Sandy Adams is a former law enforcement officer and current Representative in the Florida House, representing the 33rd District. Sandy served her community for 17 years as Deputy Sheriff in Orange County before running and being elected to the Florida State Legislature in 2002. Today, she and her husband, John, reside in Orlando and are the proud parents of three children. For additional information please visit

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