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SB 1070 Protesters Desecrate US And AZ Flags

SB 1070 Protesters Desecrate US And AZ Flags

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Illegal immigration supporters, many bussed in from outside Arizona, desecrate US and AZ flag in front of Arizona State Capitol during the singing of the National Anthem at a pro SB 1070 Rally.

The blatant disrespect and sense of entitlement that is prevailant among the pro-Amnesty crowd is simply stunning.

One sure sign some of these protesters are from outside Arizona is the flag the young boy is carrying around – a depiction of the earth against a blue background.  One World Order. 

The radical arm of the far left is now mobilizing in this country, armed with the same angry, confrontational attitude we saw in the late 60’s.  No accident here, since these new antagonizers are being trained by the old antagonizers. 

What’s that?  You weren’t aware that these folks were still around?  They now control the reins of power in this country and in our government.

And, having grown frustrated at Obama for not advancing their agenda quickly enough, and, at the tea party movement, which has been successful in slowing this extreme agenda, these radicals are resorting to the same ol’ tactics of old.  We can expect to see much more of this behavior in Arizona, as these radicals are emboldened by the knowledge that the White House and the Democrat Party share the same ideology.

The rhetoric will grow increasily angry and violence won’t be far behind as these individuals try to force their demands on this country, much like the Progressive Left have done in the halls of Congress with nationalized health care.  One has to wonder how long it will take Nancy Pelosi to go back before the media and sob over this ‘angry rhetoric’.

Tom Tillison


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